Friday, November 25, 2011

Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford Book Review

Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: February 22, 2011
Pages: 432
Interest: Series (Touch Mortal book 1)
Challenge: 2011 Debut Author Challenge
Synopsis: Eden didn’t expect Az.
Not his saunter down the beach toward her. Not his unbelievable pick up line. Not the instant, undeniable connection. And not his wings.
So long happily-ever-after.
Now trapped between life and death, cursed to spread chaos with her every touch, Eden could be the key in the eternal struggle between heaven and hell. All because she gave her heart to one of the Fallen, an angel cast out of heaven.
She may lose everything she ever had. She may be betrayed by those she loves most. But Eden will not be a pawn in anyone else’s game. Her heart is her own.
And that’s only the beginning of the end.

            This is not what I expected it to be. When I posted this book as one of the copy that I have acquired, I got an abundant positive comments about this book, so I’ve been excited to read and find out about their positive comments about it and it registered to me that this book is one magical treat, but then I’m disappointed.
            This book talks about the dark side of angels, and a new kind of creatures that’s totally intriguing. They are the Siders, which are dead people but not so dead at all. It’s quite fast pace and some scenes are hard for me to take in. And there are parts that I also find irrelevant to the flow of the plot. It’s a long read, sometimes it piques my interest, sometimes I just want to put it down for a while. And another thing that really surprises me and makes me gawk is that there are tons of cuss, and even angels cuss.

            The characters are in the middle rank for me. Sometimes I find them pleasing and yet sometimes they are just there to irritate me. But in the end I realize that they are just a set of unique and intriguing characters and I had this pull toward them that I wanted to know them more and read more to learn more about them. I like Eden, she’s tough, strong, a good and determined leader.

            Even though the romance is quite short and a little bit dark, I still want to find out more about Az and Eden so probably I would be reading more of the series soon, ‘coz we never know, there might be some light to shed on the story soon. 



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