My rating system is still base on a 5 star rating. In here instead of showing you stars, I use teddy bears to represent as my 5 star rating. Aside from rating the book in overall terms I also classify the following: Plot, Writing, Characters, Ending, Cover and Uniqueness. I haven’t added Uniqueness to my first batch of reviews and I’ve decided to add it to my rating classification.

            Plot; it shows how much I’ve loved the flow of the story, it’s pace and twists. Writing; in here I rate how much is the writing style and technique have appealed to me. Characters; it shows how much I’ve come to love each character and how they’ve grown in me, it also shows how much I’ve loved their personalities and how look real people for me. Ending; I rate it base on how the book comes to an end or from the climax part to how it compromised to an end. Cover; I really love to rate this classification because the cover of a book is the first thing that attracts my attention. And Uniqueness; I rate it base on the content and theme of the plot.

And below shows what each teddy bear stands for base on my rating:

it’s dreadful and I don’t like it.
 - It’s ok
 - I could say that I like it somehow
 - I love and like it so much. I’ll give a big hug for this.
 - It’s pretty amazing and I super love it. It’s quite addicting and surely I’ll ask for more.


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