Saturday, October 2, 2010


Recently I received my first award from Iben of Borough of Books, the ONE LOVELY BLOG Award stating that my blog contains book reviews of the books that are close to her own taste and also she got references for new books to read from my blog.

            I’m so happy to receive my first award. Since I just started this blog few weeks ago, I gasped in excitement when I saw my very first award and I appreciate it so much.

            In celebration on my first award, I would pass this award to 15 bloggers as well since that is the rule. So Here are the blogs I have chosen to give this award to;


Lou Rohde said...

Thank you so much for the award Grace!


Briana said...

Thanks for the award! :)

Little Miss Becky : ) said...

Thanks so much for passing this one to me! And congrats on getting it, too!

the story siren said...

thanks so much for the award!!!

A Life Bound By Books said...

Thank you so much for passing this one on to me! Congrats to you - Lisa

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