Monday, October 4, 2010


        In My Mailbox is a weekly Meme hosted Kristy of The Story Siren.  The objective of this meme is to encourage readers to share the books they received, bought or borrowed from the library or from a friend. You can also include the books your going to review and next books to read.

        So here's what I got this week.

Torment by Lauren Kate


Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

For Review and To Read:

Torment by Lauren Kate (Review)
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (To Read)
Firelight by Sophie Jordan (To Read)

        I have to make draw lots to decide what am I going to read next. There's a lot of books here waiting for me to pick up and hear their story. Last week I made a schedule on what to read next and I arrange them according to my liking, but recently I got Torment and since I'm so excited to read it ( like I waited forever to read this sequel), I read it ahead of the books that I scheduled to read. And right now, I'm confuse on which one is the next that I should read so I write down the titles of the books in my to read list for the coming week(s) and I pick up at least two and those are Clockwork Angel follow by Firelight. 

        And that's the books I got this week. So what's yours?


Manda (Manda's Movements) said...

It's a week of pretty covers for you! Love Clockwork Angel and I can't wait to read the others.

One More Page said...

Great books - I've just added Clockwork Angel to my wish list! Happy reading.

Sarah Mohamed Saghir said...

hay thanks for the comment. Should I read clockwork angel before the mortal instruments?

hppy reading

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books said...

Oh gee, you have a tough choice ahead of you on what to pick! All three look fantastic! I've read Clockwork Angel and enjoyed it SO MUCH!

Thanks for stopping by!

Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books!

Fiction Spark said...

@sarah. I don't know I'm still making my way through the book, I just started it a while ago so I can't answer that question directly. And I can't guarantee that reading Clockwork Angel first will not give you some things that might confuse you.

Claire @ YA Bookie Monster said...

Awesome IMM! I really hope that you enjoy all of your books!

I'm a new follower!

You can check out my IMM here!

Kristen said...

I need to read Torment soon. Hoping it's better than the first! Enjoy your books!

April (BooksandWine) said...

Read Clockwork Angel and Firelight, both are very awesome!

chelleyreads said...

I need to get crackin' on Firelight because my sister really liked it. I'm not sure that I should read Clockwork Angel so I'll be looking forward to what you'll say! Happy reading!


Moirae(thefates) book reviews said...

Looks like you got some great books this week too! I just loved Torment! You should see Lauren Kate on tour if you can. Love your blog am now following! XX

A.J. said...

Firelight is good so far. Hope you like it! :D

Anonymous said...

Fantastic books! I'm loving Torment so far and the cover is gorgeous :) Clockwork Angel and Firelight look great too. Great books- happy reading!

Aimee said...

I loved Clockwork Angel and I can't wait to read Torment. My copy was super late getting to me, but I finally have it! I have heard good things about Firelight as well. Enjoy!

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